3eco Hyper-Local Mobility

3ev Industries designs, manufactures and operates:

  • Performance-built 3-wheel EVs for passenger and freight.
  • Proprietary hyper-local fleet management software systems.
  • Turn-key hyper-local mobility as a service called "3eco".

Vehicles pending ICAT certification (Sep 2020):

  • VEGA4, VEGA8 passenger EVs.
  • SHAKTI8 freight EVs.
  • ICE autorickshaw EV conversion kit.

Pilot Programs being implemented around India to:

  • Showcase the performance of its EVs.
  • Demonstrate the fleet management software systems.
  • Operate and continuously improve the 3eco SOP.

Pilot Programs running Non-RTO registered EVs:

  • Commercial-vehicles within Private Campuses, IT Parks, Government Facilities.
  • Test-vehicles on public roads tied to specific Industrial Parks.

LIMITED FREE PILOT: 3eco for Private Campuses and IT Parks

3eco Hyper-Local Connectivity Services include:

Clean, Efficient, and Convenient Passenger Transport:

  • Fixed-Route and Schedule passenger transport within the Park.
  • On-Demand passenger transport within the Park.
  • Pre-scheduled and repeat bookings for passenger transport.

Eco-friendly Deliveries and Freight Services:

  • On-Demand delivery of items within the Park.
  • Regular freight services.

Benefits of 3eco

Clean, quiet and efficient EV vehicles

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Fully employed and trained drivers using complete safety kit

Mobile APP based communication and tracking with online ePayment billed to user or enterprise

Enterprise resource planning and reporting

Single source hyper-local connectivity solutions

Continuous improvement and optimization of services for the benefit of local ecosystem and specific user requirements.

3eco PILOT services to the HOST including:

  • 3ev Electric Vehicles and charging infrastructure.
  • Professional drivers.
  • Mobile APPs and enterprise management.
  • Call Center support.

Terms of PILOT formalized in a LIMITED PILOT AGREEMENT between 3ev and the HOST to specify terms including:

  • Term and Location of the PILOT.
  • Scope of PILOT; e.g. number of vehicles, area of services, types of services provided and hours of service.
  • Responsibilities of each Party.
  • IP ownership fully retained by 3ev.
  • Post-ICAT certification commercialization.

PILOT: Inquiry Form